In an August 13, 1998 e-mail to the Disney comics Mailing List, Kriton Kyrimis made a list of all the different Beagle Boy numbers, to give an indication of how many
Beagle Boys there are.

According to the results, there are no less than 40 different Beagle Boys throughout Barks' stories. There could be more, because only Barks' art was taken into account (any numbers mentioned in the dialogue, e.g. "B.B. 79" from «menehunes island», were not included). There were also many panels where Barks didn't draw or only partially drew the numbers.

Kriton thinks of two alternatives: Either there are 1001 Beagles Boys (176-000 to 176-999, plus 186-802 / Grandpa Beagle, which is what his list seems to suggest; or there are 7 Beagles Boys (186-802 / Grandpa Beagle, plus 176-167, 176-176, 176-617, 176-671, 176-716, and 176-761), as Barks only used these 6 numbers in most of his stories. In the second alternative, all other numbers are ignored as something that Barks discarded while developing his characters.

(Kriton's list has been processed into the Characters section.)


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