General information

This fanzine is concentrated on all aspects of Disney comics, not just Barks' ducks. The society "Ankistit" has no other activities besides publishing the fanzine. Timo Ronkainen is editor in chief and Mike Pohjola is a chairman.

publisher: Finnish Donaldist society "Ankistit"
country: Finland
language: Finnish, with a short English summary
covertype softcover?
width: 17,5 cm (varies?)
height: 25 cm (varies?)
pages: 32-36
reproduction: monochrome

Contact address:

Ankistit ry
c/o Timo Ronkainen
YO-kylä 52 A 26
20540 Turku
(Address information is from the year 2000.)

List of (known) issues with Barks contents

Ankkalinnan Pamaus, issue 1
Ankkalinnan Pamaus, issue 2 (1/1999)
Ankkalinnan Pamaus, issue 3 (2/1999)
Ankkalinnan Pamaus, issue 5 (1/2000)
Ankkalinnan Pamaus, issue 6? (2/2000)


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