Barks Treasury interior


This treasure trove of new art has been unearthed from the bottomless and rich mind of Carl Barks - phrase-maker, consummate story and gag man, word-smith, neologist, name-crafter, image-maker, and fine artist.

The pages that follow contain reproductions of forty new color pencil sketches. In preparation for his recent ninety-sixth birthday, Carl began drawing in August of 1996 and finished a series of over seventy pencil sketches in March of 1997. His goal was to create a body of work which would add texture, further dimension, and downright fun to his familiar themes: Uncle Scrooge's measureless money bin, the many worldwide adventures of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge, and the funny things that happen in Duckburg.

Certificate of Authenticity To anyone secretly discovering this volume without knowing quite what it is (are you sure you're allowed to be looking at this at all?), Carl Barks is a "Living Legend." Mr. Barks always says that Walt Disney himself, and the Walt Disney Studios over the years, created the "stage" on which he could showcase his talents and his memorable characters for all the world to see and enjoy. Carl has given life to the Disney Ducks, giving them their definitive personalities and a place for those personalities to develop and thrive: Duckburg! And because of this, Carl Barks has been proclaimed a "Living Legend" by the Walt Disney Company.

The forty plates in the work that follows attest to his greatness, his liveliness, and his pure genius.


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