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P.O. Box 818
San Jacinto , Calif.
Oct. 19, 1960
Mr. Joe Cowles

Dear Joe: In reply to your letter of the 13th. I must say I'm not sure my advice about cartooning would be very helpful, as I am pretty ignorant on the subject, myself. The Donald Duck comic book work is about the only experience I've had in the business, and I just feel my way along on that.
    However, if you'd like to look at my work methods and see how I develop my ideas into plots and plots into drawings, you're welcome to pop in any day, afternoon or evenings. The wife and I always go shopping in the mornings.
    Our home address is 1421 Poppy Drive, Hemet. Poppy Dr. is a new residence street off South Girard Ave. just east of Hemet. Girard is the street that runs from Highway 74 to the Ramona Bowl. Telephone number is OLive 8-3712.
    It would be a pleasure for me to meet a reader who digs comic books. Up here in the bible belt people only read the good book and the Walnut Growers' Nutshell News.

Sincerely yours

Carl Barks

Scan of the letter (circa 1095kB)


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