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Dear Joe:
      It's the middle of March, and I'm just now getting around to answering last January's letters. I'm ashamed of myself. I noticed in your letter that you mentioned you and Dave would like to stop by again to see us, and I was going to write right away and say "come on up." (This being a higher elevation than Disneyland.) But some deadlines were pressing, causing me to delay a few days. The few days merged into the next month's deadline race, and so it went. You and Dave feel free to come by anytime you get the idea. My deadlines are very flexible things, and besides, I think I've got such things licked for quite a while into the future. Just drop a card to say when, so we won t be away on one of our rare outings.
      Tomorrow we're taking a ten-page Donald into Beverly Hills. [WDC255-01] That's the first trip into the city this year. I ran completely out of paper; so we have to go. I'm going to ask for a big stack so it'll be possible to give you a few sheets to get the measurements from, and to try out for drawing "feel."
      Thanks a lot for the foreign editions of the duck stories. I sure got a laugh out of the duck's dialogue balloons. Those jawbreaking words they use to express the simplest thoughts!
      You're right about the ad on the back of the Phillipine edition. Cripples and afflicted simply don't exist in the Dell comic works. Only hay fever, sore feet, headaches, gastric disturbances, and gout are acceptable blemishes on the perfection of nature.
      I'll make a note to do a drawing of the ducks for you when we get back from town. A duck peanut vendor, okay? Are you still at Disneyland? Remember to keep a list of the grievances that beset a peanut vendor. There may be possibilities there for a Donald story. My error! That should have been a popcorn vendor.
      We hope to pay another visit to Disneyland before long. We have been there twice since it opened, and enjoyed ourselves a lot. I'd like to see that popcorn machine. Already scenes of Donald getting the kids' firecrackers mixed up in the popper are coming into focus.
      I suppose you've noticed the heinous butchery that took place in the first ten-page story in the current Disney Comics [WDC 247-01]. That ad Dell is running in the middle of the book caused the editors to take one page from my story of Gyro's fish-catching for Donald, the best gag page, of course. I think the shortened story falls flat on its face. I guess the next several issues will be similarly butchered. A story man just can't win.
      Well, remember now, we Barkses still live at the same old place. You won't know the joint, though. All the vacant lots have been built on.

Drop us a line.
Carl Barks


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