General information

German language. Scientific oriented fanzine. Issues 1 to 51 were published as "Der Hamburger Donaldist". Beginning with issue 52, the title was changed to "Der Donaldist".

Back issues (and new issues?) can be ordered from the financial manager of D.O.N.A.L.D. and Der Donaldist:

Johnny A. Grote
Belvederestraße 24
D-50933 Köln
(Address information is from the year 1997.)

List of (known) issues with Barks contents

Der Hamburger Donaldist 18
Der Hamburger Donaldist 50
Der Donaldist 52
Der Donaldist 76
Der Donaldist 89
Der Donaldist 100/101
Der Donaldist 108
Der Donaldist 112


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