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Transcription of Mark Wilson's "Authentic works by Carl Barks" certificate, and a transcription of a "Carl Barks Art" article/note about the "historic Hampton collection." The "Carl Barks Art" article/note seems to be taken from a catalog.

Authentic works by Carl Barks

The enclosed item came from the collection of Lisa Hampton, a long time friend of Carl and Gare Barks. All items from this collection are genuine and originally came from Carl. All letters were hand written by either Carl or his wife. All signitures by Mr. Barks are authentic, as is all of the original artwork.

April 5, 1999. Mark Wilson.


In our last issue & promised to offer some more Carl Barks artwork from the historic Hampton collection. What I didn't tell you was that it was going to be even BETTER! If you didn't get our last catalog, I will reintroduce you to the history of this wonderful art.

I recently purchaced a collection of original art and personal letters from a woman who has been a close friend of Carl's all her life. Her father was a comic book collector back in the early 1960's - the late 1970's. Most of the art was given or sold to him by Carl at that time. The two became good friends and kept in close contact. Eventually. both families became very close. After Mr. Hampton passed away, the children, David & Linda Hampton remained in contact with both Carl & his wife Margaret (Gare to her friends) and corresponded regularly. All of the art has been in the family's possession since the 1970's.
Over the next few catalogs I will be offering up many of these fantastic items for sale. I will be keeping only a few pieces, as I too enjoy his work, but the majority (and the BEST pieces) will be offered to my customers only. This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of the legend. The following are some very special pieces of this Historic, & obviously one of a kind, original art. .
All items will come with a certificate of authenticity, stating that they are original and that they came from the legendary Carl Barks.

[picture of the certificate and the article/note]


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