Excerpts from a October 8, 1998 email by a Barks intermediary

I'm finally trying to sort out the problem of the "
Orange Pamphlet". I thought when I first heard about it, that it was a specific pamphlet, but rather, it is a compilation of articles about Carl Barks. [...] Carl reviewed them and has written notes in the margins of some of the papers. If you have the pamphlet, I will describe the page and what Carl has written in the border--
There are no comments relating to the three pages by Jim Fanning describing "The Comic Book King".
The same lack of comments on the page by Leonard Maltin.
No comments on what is excerpted from "Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book".
The "Carl Barks' Interview is notated as "may have been interview by Helnwein".
No caption page 2 and 3 beginning with "The new Barks 24 page" is notated as "this seems to be an article about Helnwein's book and museum exhibit" and "this about the book "Animal Quakers" published in 1996 (referring to art book in the last paragraph on page 2.
The page with a MM icon entitled "Questions for Carl Barks interview". It's inscribed "I was never shown questions like these before interviews" The answers beginning on page 2 "This seems to be something Grandey wrote".
No comments on the Marcel Proust questionaire and the hand written material seems to be true Carl Barks hand printing.
No comments on "Remembering Walt" Carl Barks Studio #1 (Script p6 1 Kids at door of money bin) no comments
Carl Barks Studio #2 New story? Horsing Around with History. His note says "More of Grandey's writing which I never heard about.
I would caution, if you publicize any of this, please indicate that these notes only represent Carl's best recollections. [...]


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