Barks' work records for October 1960 show that he did four covers and 32 interior pages for Gyro Gearloose One Shot 1184. However, neither of the two editions of the comic contained all 36 pages. Apparently, three pages were cut from the four stories in the issue, which are:

W OS 1184-02 Monsterville
10 pages as published
W OS 1184-03 The Cube
5 pages as published
W OS 1184-06 Mighty but Miserable
7 pages as published
W OS 1184-07 Brain-strain
7 pages as published

In both editions, only 29 of the 32 pages of story-material were published:

Edition with advertisements
Contains ads on the inside front cover, outside back cover, center two pages, and a half-page Donald Duck gag (not by Barks) and a half-page ad on page 32
Edition without advertisements
Gyro gags by Barks replace the two cover ads, two non-Barks Gyro-gags replace the center page ad, and a full-page non-Barks Donald Duck gag appears on page 32.
Dell had been publishing two (or more) editions of some comics for a number of years, dating back at least to the mid-1950s. The cuts in the edition with ads aren't hard to explain (running an edition without ads at this particular time is a little harder to explain). Replacing the center page and page 32 ads with gags probably meant changing one plate for part of the press run. To have one edition with ads and another with the whole 32-page interior as originally drawn would have required changing all plates. Some material was most likely deleted in the vicinity of page 2 of "OS 1184-03 The Cube", but it's a guess where it happened elsewhere in the stories.

All cut art is lost.


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