As explained in the entry for
"Land Beneath the Ground" (US 13-02), the Gyro Gearloose stories that began in "Uncle Scrooge" No. 13 came about as a result of Western's applying for a second class mailing permit for the comic. To gain second class privileges a periodical must contain at least two stories, each one featuring different characters. Barks turned to Gyro Gearloose, the inventor, to provide the required second feature.

Two stories had been completed before it was realized that no characters from the lead story could be used. In his 1969 list for Michael Barrier, Barks commented: "The four-page Gyro stories for Uncle S. #13 and #14 were sent back to me for changes. In the #13 story I'd used the nephews. Because of postal mailing laws, no characters used in other parts of the book could be used in the Gyro story. Hence the change to Mickey's nephews. The character 'Speedy' in #14 was originally Donald."


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