Thor Barks used Thor in the Gyro Gearloose mechanical crow story
US 21-04, and in "Mythtic Mystery" US 34-01.

Thor is the god of thunder and lightning. He is the strongest among the gods in Asgard. Thor rules over the region called Prudvangar, "the Paddock of Power", where his lightning castle Bilskirnir is situated.

Thor has the power to conjure storms, and control the wind and rain. He is a mighty god with an immense appetite. He has fiery red hair, a huge red beard, and a hot temper. Thor owns three powerful treasures.

Thor's hammer The first is his most cherished, his hammer, Mjollnir. With it, he became the defender of Asgard, for he protects this realm from such enemies as giants, trolls, and the Midgard serpent. Mjollnir is also known as the thunderbolt. When this hammer is thrown at the enemy, it returns to Thor's hands like a boomerang.

Thor grasps the shaft of this hammer with his second most powerful aid, his iron-clad gloves.

His third treasure is a strength-increasing belt. He is able to replenish his divine strength by wearing this magical girdle. Thor is known as a charioteer, who rides everywhere with a wagon pulled by goats. Their names are Gap-tooth and Tooth-gnasher. Thor slaughters and feasts on them for food during his travelling, saving their bones by wrapping them in the goatskins. The next day Thor restores them to life by consecrating the skins with his hammer.

Thor's wagon There are numerous stories recounting Thor's journies to Giantland. They describe how Thor rides across the sky in his chariot, rattling the chains of his goats to produce the sound of thunder and conjuring up great storms by the simple touch of his beard. Other tales decribe Thor's preoccupation with killing giants and breaking giantesses' backs by crashing his hammer over them. The trickster god Loki is Thor's nemesis. Thor is married to Sif. Thor meets his death, at the hands of the Midgard serpent in the last battle of Ragnarok.

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The original names of the goats are Tanngnjost and Tanngrisner.

Romantic view of Thors and his goats

Danish Mythtic Mystery

Mythic Mystery was altered by a Danish publisher in the early 1960īs. (Anders And & Co. 1962-28?) Thorīs horses were changed into more accurate goats, which is what they should be.

Mythtic Mystery, with goats


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