Lost Prospectors

This could have been the second release to feature Gus Goose. Drawing on Donald's image as a loser, Barks gave Gus the ability to capture precious water effortlessly, while Donald's attempts to get a drink were frustrated. The duck's every effort to tame the spring would only backfire, sending another spout of water into Gus' lucky derby hat. Thus Gus remained a comic foil to the unfortunate Donald, but without the eating gags. Story conference transcripts reveal that Disney did not pursue it because he felt Gus departed too far from his personality in «
Donald's Cousin Gus», already in production or possibly completed, and because the gags with the giggling springs were not clearly thought out.

A mirage sequence drawn by Barks probably shows the first true prototype of Daisy Duck. Donald sees a group of Daisy lookalikes lolling seductively around a swimming pool, drinking mint juleps. All have the curved eyelashes, pert hair-ribbon, and high-heeled shoes that would later characterize Daisy, and one is even manipulative and huffy, anticipating her personality. Unlike Daisy, however, the girl in «Lost Prospectors» is a seductress, beckoning flirtaciously and tantalizing Donald by mixing a drink in front of him. When he tries to reach her, she laughs, and the mirage disappears. Whether the storymen consciously drew on this character when creating Daisy is moot; the visual similarities suggest that Barks' Lorelei inspired Daisy's costume and look, and since Barks worked on the first Daisy cartoon, «Mr. Duck Steps Out», he certainly had a hand in shaping her personality.

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