teahouse of the waggin' dragon [shooting script]

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teahouse of the waggin' dragon [shooting script]:

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Box (It's a bad day at the Junior Woodchucks' Clubhouse!)
Water leaking from above. Rain shows through window. Kids and O. inside show empty piggy bank and some cookie jars.
Officer: "Rain is pouring, and our roof leaks!"
Kid shakes upside down piggy bank: "And we can't buy new shingles - our treasury is empty!"
Other kid by cookie jars: "The only eats we have left are these cookies we bought from the Litllest Chickadees!"

2. O: "(Sigh!) Those Litllest Chickadees! They sold cookies and used the money to reroof their clubhouse!"
K: "We'll have to ration these cookies, great NUTWAFER!"

8. Kid: "While we ribble [scrapped: over cookies] sparingly we'll look for work!"
Kid at window: "Let it be light work!
Hungry woodchucks are weak woodchucks!"

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