Norwegian TV show "Norge Rundt" has shown footage of the making of the 313 replica.

The idea of making a replica of Donald's 313 car came up in late 1990 in connection with the planning of a car show (Motorama) to be held in 1991 in Trondheim, Norway. The car was build during the winter and spring of 1991 at Geir Jonassen's workshop in Trondheim. He used panels from the Donald Duck weekly when sketching out the construction drawings. Based on the assumption that Donald is 1 meter tall, the car was calculated to be 2.8 meters long. It was stretched somewhat compared to the comics in order to make sufficient space for a door. In the comics the distance between front and rear wheels are greater when the door is open! Stretchy thing! To be able to turn the front wheels, the fenders had to be modified. The body was made from steel plates with the help of Geir's brother Ola and their father Finn.

Olav Andresen assembled the car at his garage and mounted the engine and pedals. The only difference in appearance at first eyeglance is black tires instead of white. The engine however is not a "1920 Mixwell engine" as described in "Volcano Valley" (os0147-02,default,OS 147-02), but rather a more well known engine from an Opel Kadett. The wheels are of the same type as used for tractor trailers manufactured in a nearby village.

Spraywork was done by Rolf Naess and Morten Bordal at Naess Billakkering, Melhus. Interior was done by Aage Henriksen.

The work was completed in only 8 weeks, and the car was ready and running in time for the Motorama.

At the 2nd of May, Donald Duck was given driver's license valid for the municipality of Duckburg. The car was approved by the automobil authorities in Trondheim and given, of course, the number 313.

All this information is presented in an album written (in Norwegian) by Arne Asphjell and Geir Hasnes called "(bbno_bk_aagh-dm,default,Duckmobiles)". There are also some pictures of the car.

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