Hang Gliders Be Hanged! [comic book story]

Quoted from Barks' story outline, this is what originally happened after the scene with "the terrible cave of the vampire bats":
But the bats aren't hungry. The glider comes back out carried by so many angry bats it looks like a giant black bat itself. The bats "throw" the glider clear and once more Don is in precarious flight. Louie yells at him to open that emergency kit. "I won't! I won't!" vows Donald, but he sees the bat swarm turning to come at him like a black arrow. He paws the kit open, as bats "buzz" him like the Red Baron buzzing a Spad.

Inside the kit is a reel of fine fishline with a weight on the end. Card says to drop weighted end to Huey and Dewey who are below and who will tow Don by the fishline to where he can't miss the target circle. Donald obeys. Huey and Dewey come out of a grove and grab the weight as it falls. Their first tug on the line saves Don from a kamikaze dive by the bat swarm.

Now all seems well. Donald's glider sails straight toward the target area with no foul-ups by wind, beast or bad luck. But Gladstone is still to be reckoned with. He swoops his glider near to taunt Donald. He sees the almost invisible towline and deliberately strikes it with his wing. The weight is snapped from Huey's hands and goes sailing over a line of trees, beyond which is a carnival fair. The weight catches in the frame of a car on the whirling "whip cracker."

Round and round goes Don's glider in sudden yanks and yaws. He can't break or cut the fishline. Gladstone soars past chiding Donald about his predicament. Kids have to buy tickets in order to stop the ride. Don now so dizzy he doesn't know East from North.

Then the last part of the story follows.

It's unknown why the story was changed. Maybe a reason could have been that the editor found Barks' fishline sequence too complicated to visualize in a comic book?

Interestingly, Barks himself has used similar eagle scenes in W WDC 209-02 helicopter mailman; and in W WDC 222-01 moving expert.

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