and the Mummy's Ring

Barks recalls submitting "a sort of script" for this story: "I don't remember how detailed a thing it was, but I believe I kind of roughed out the drawings and sent the sheets in, or took the sheets in, and left them there.
Eleanor Packer was editor, and she was also quite a story woman herself. She read through what I had planned for the sequence where the Egyptians were all in the temple, and they were arguing as to what to do with this mummy, and so on, and I remember that she suggested some big changes, and she asked me to draw up these changes. Well, I did, and I think I sent the roughs of those changes back. She looked them over, and sent back word to go ahead with my original version, [because] my original version was better. After that, I never had any trouble."

In 1965, Barks was asked for the second time to do some additional work for the story when Western Publishing decided to reprint the story in the first issue of a 25 cent giant comic entitled "Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck". Because they couldn't find the films to page 1, page 16, and page 17, they commissioned Barks to reink the pages. (When Michael Barrier asked Barks why these pages are redrawn, he wrote in a February 17, 1972 letter: "I don't remember exactly, but I think the original printing plates were lost or damaged.")

In the Carl Barks Library the original three pages were restored back into the story, while the new art is printed apart in a smaller size. The alternate pencilled ending of the story is lost.

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