in Old California!

This story is set in that section of Southern California in which Barks himself lived at the time. In a June 1968 letter to
Michael Barrier, Barks said about the settings for his stories, and "In Old California" in particular: "No settings are taken from life. But the type of houses and terrain are recognizably local. I sometimes used 'memory pictures' of places I've seen as background locale. Notably Puget Sound, and the local deserts."

However, in an October 1974 interview by Barrier, Barks said: "I was laying it right around San Jacinto there, where I lived. Now, this rock [page 3], that was just a couple of miles from where we lived. There's a Soboba Indian reservation out there, and a road came across from San Jacinto, across a river and up here [to the rock], where it turned to go down to the Indian reservation. There were some rocks up there on the side of the hill - they weren't exactly like that [like the one in the story], they were covered with sagebrush - and the duck could very easily have made a miscue and run his car into one of those rocks."

The intersection and rock shown in panel 3 of page 3 was inspired by a scene near the semi-aired countryside of Hemet. The advertisement "Jeff" the realtor on the left sign in the background referred to his friend Jeff Divine, whose real estate agency was located nearby.

Many of the California streets and locations have been given Spanish names, like Sepulveda Boulevard; Verdugo Hills, San Fernando Valley, San Buena Ventura. In panel 3 of page 11, Barks pulled our legs with this Hispanic penchant, christening the father of lovely Panchita with a string of place names. "Fiesta?" asks Tina. "Why you think Don Gaspar Fernando Ignacio de Sepulveda y Verdugo y Buenaventura gives a fiesta?"

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