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round money bin, scrapped art One or more pages were removed by Barks during the making of the story. There exists a half page which contains an alternate version of the scene where the first dime is introduced. This page came from Barks' "scrap pile" and fits in place of the published top half of page 9 of the story.

The unpublished art contains an alternate scene in which the ducks are tumbling around in the rolling money-bin. An indignant Donald says to Scrooge: "You're the worst tightwad I ever saw! Too tight too buy a burglar alarm! Too tight to -" Scrooge interrupts him: "Shut up! I'm suffering!" (panel 1) Donald continues: "I bet you still got the first dime you ever made!" (panel 2) Scrooge: "First dime!... Say!.. I do have my first dime!" (panel 3) Scrooge to Dewey: "Reach in my pocket and fish out that dime, Dewey! It'll get us free in no time!" (panel 4) The art of the published bottom half of page 9 seems to follow seamless after this sequence, where the position of Scrooge and Dewey of unpublished panel 4 can be seen from a different angle.

"Comparision of these four scrapped panels with the published panels shows that the latter put across the idea better," Barks commented in a 1984 interview. "The dialogue, as well as the drawing is more to the point." In the published version the sequence only lasts two panels and a tier-filling panel is added of the Beagles rolling the money-bin away at night. Here Scrooge discovers that the Beagle Boys have his entire fortune, except for his first dime. In a partly re-used dialogue he says: "The first dime I ever made! It'll get us free in no time!"

There must have been more extensive revisions than this, because the page is numbered as the top half of page 10. This suggests that Barks cut one and half pages in the process of tightening his plot. I'm just guessing, but there could have been material cut from the bottom of published page 6. Panel 5 and 6 feature a similar interaction with Donald and Scrooge as in the unpublished sequence, though Donald is a teaser instead of being indignant here. Scrooge says a very similar phrase as in the cut art: "Don't talk about it! I'm suffering!" Possibly Barks thought this line was too strong to be left out of the story and so he used it again in another sequence he cut down, but this is all theorizing.

The half page is published in The Carl Barks Library - Set III, one panel can be seen here as illustration. No other art is known to exist.

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