and The Golden River

One page was cut by Barks himself. Perhaps on looking over this story after he had finished it, Barks thought it could use a couple of more gags and a little less straight business, so he chopped a page of straight stuff and added a page of gags.

Because the top and bottom halves of page 4 and 5 are not perfectly aligned and because the bottom half of page 5 could logically and smoothly follow the top of page 4, it is very likely that the half page balloon and stilt gags on those pages were added after the story had been completed. This added a page of gags here, moving up the number of later pages by one page.

The cut page, which really doesn't subtract anything significant from the story, and which is numbered as page 16 (panels 1-4, 6-8) and panels 1 and 2 of page 17, follows published page 16 (which would have originally been numbered page 15). In the top half of the cut page, one nephew comments: "This gets more like the fairy story every minute!" and the other two nephews offer theories (accurate ones) as to where the gold comes from and goes to. Scrooge says: "I don't care what causes it! I'm going to be ready to catch it next time!"

Panel 5 of the unpublished page has been cut out and is published as panel 1 of page 17. Panel 2 of published page 17 was drawn new to replace the other five panels. In these five panels, Scrooge says he's cured, Donald and the kids decide they are not needed, and Scrooge suggests that they might want to get back to Duckburg, where they would have a better chance of raising the five dollars they need. The ducks leave, with one nephew saying: "Yes, thanks! Thanks for everything!" This art was cut from the story by Barks and consigned to his scrap pile.

In the inserted panel 2 of published page 17, Scrooge throws a tantrum and shouts: "I'm sure you kids are bringing me bad luck! I wish you'd go home before you bring me more!" One nephew answers with a frown: "Swell! We're not having such good luck, ourselves!"

All the cut art still exists and it's printed in The Carl Barks Library - Set IV. It has been re-inserted in the story, which is not how Barks intended it. Barks's replacing newly-drawn panel is printed in an article.
In The Netherlands, big layout alterations were made to put the cut material back in the story. Except for three panels, all art has been used.

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