The Status Seeker

Around this time, the editor ordered the artists to draw in a smaller size.

About this change, Joseph Cowles wrote in a August 4, 2000 e-mail:

The change in size was accompanied by a directive that all the dialogue balloons had to be separated from the frames of the panels, and, as I recall, squared off. Barks did several stories that way, then rebelled.
Evidently, he was in communication with some of the other Western cartoonists, because in a letter written 27 April 1962, he said: ". . . There's been come changes in the drawing size and lettering style of all Whitman comics. It's got me and all the other artists mad and confused. Perhaps by the middle of the month I'll have some shining examples of the new format to show you. Right now I'm writing a 20 page Scrooge. Believe me, you're smart if you've decided to seek your fortune in other fields than cartooning . . . ."

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