How Green Was My Lettuce

"How Green was my Lettuce" in "Uncle Scrooge" No. 51 lost two pages to make room for ads, it was cut down from 17 to 15 pages. The cuts are made in between panel 2 and 3 on published page 2; between panel 4 and 5 on published page 2; and in between published page 2 and 3.

Of the cut two pages, one page and three tiers have surfaced. They lengthen Scrooge's discovery of the gophers, the tilting of the money-bin and the ducks running away from it. Except for the flowing of the story, nothing important was taken away. The original material doesn't fit back in the story, which means that the editor has made changes in the story to smooth over the cuts. One cut can clearly be seen, though. In panel 1 of published page 3 (originally page 5), the caption says that the bin is "indeed" undermined by gophers. The word "indeed" here is a reference to a previous cut half page in which Scrooge says that he has "a strong idea now it's all caused by gophers!"

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