Micro-ducks from Outer Space

On the Disney comics Mailing List, Christopher E. Barat wrote the following answer to the question which logical flaws there are in "Micro-Ducks from Outer Space":
Apologies to Harlan Ellison (who attacked the Irwin Allen TV series "Land of the Giants" for its juxtaposition of "giant" and "tiny" human beings), but I did not have a major problem with the Microducks themselves. My problem is with the notion that the Microducks made a four-year one-way trip to Earth to get food supplies. Now, with sufficiently advanced technology, the Micros might have been able to travel from one solar system to another in a matter of years. But NOT in the "flying saucer" type spaceship that Barks gave them!
Physically, the Micros' ship consists of a circular "bridge" enclosed by a glass-like hemisphere and a saucer-shaped structure (presumably their living and dining quarters, plus the storage area for their power source) attached to the hemisphere. If you look at the relative sizes of the Micros and their ship, you'll see that the little ducks would be unbelievably cramped. The idea of them living inside that ship for four years of travel through interstellar space is simply absurd! Aside from the room where they served Scrooge some lemonade, they could only have one or two other rooms in there -- especially when you factor in the space needed for fuel.
The "DuckTales" adaptation of "Micro Ducks" had the Ducks' little saucer drop into Earth's atmosphere from a much larger "Mother Ship" orbiting the Earth. That, I can accept. But four years in that cramped ship would have driven them nuts (or worse) by the time they got to Duckburg."

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