mammoth with golden tusks

In a letter dated November 3, 1990, to artist Don Rosa, Barks wrote about the difference in the creation of comic-book stories during in his time and nowadays, saying that his "plots only took the ducks to the politically safe areas of the world. Since the decay of communism there's all of Russia and Siberia and China to use for locales."

Labouring this point, Barks wrote down a rough idea for a story:

"Writers can now concoct new adventures for the ducks on such as the old silk road from Cathay. There can be forays into Siberia to hunt mammoth's ivory. Imagine the ducks finding a herd of frozen mammoths whose feeding ground had been so rich in minerals their tusks had become more gold than ivory. Maybe the ducks could take a frozen mammoth home to Duckburg for exhibition in a block of clear ice. Uncle Scrooge squabbles with the power company over the size of the refrigeration bill, and the mammoth thaws out alive.

Southeast Asia is opening up a little, too. Indiana Jones didn't loot the only temple in that treasure-infested region. My shopworn old menaces can be replaced by such as Bengal tigers, rogue elephants, and duck-drowning monsoons.

If any of the above inspires you to start writing, please feel welcome to use any of it. It's from such seeds of ideas that I used to build my stories. Man! am I grateful that I no longer have to write and draw the darned things!"

Don Rosa didn't use this story-idea.

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