christmas caroling at peoples' doors

Barks wrote and drew a story for the Januari 1946 (Christmas 1945) issue of "Walt Disney Comics and Stories", but it was rejected for being too sacrilegious and un-Disney. In this story, Donald is gushing over with the Christmas spirit and he decides to sing carols at peoples' doors. The kids protest, but to no avail. After two unsuccessful attempts, Donald starts singing for neighbour Jones and this soon ends up in a lot of agression and violence.

A blueline on the original art shows that for a short moment, the editors considered changing Donald's song "Silent Night" (midi-soundfile) into "Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly" (midi-soundfile). This never happened and the art was returned to Barks, who was never paid for it.

Example of the blue notes: on panels 2 and 3 of page 3, the Silent Night song is crossed out with blue pencil, noting respectively "Deck the hall with --", "boughs of holly --". I have no idea about other pages.

In 1960, Barks redrew the story as «Terrible Tourist». This version has Donald serenading senoritas in Mexico and neighbour Jones is replaced by a Duckburgian Consul. Still, a lot of panels look exactly the same in both versions.

Nine and a half pages of the rejected story have survived. The top half of page 1 was given away long ago and Barks does not remember to whom it was given.

The (surviving art of the) story was first published in Dutch magazine "Inkt" No. 6, 1976, using the original language. In the USA, it made its debut in "The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck". Among lots of other publications it is now also included in The Carl Barks Library - Set X.

In 1986[?], Robert Klein and Michel Nadorp made a reconstruction of the lost half page. In 2001, this version was used as a basis for a new reconstruction, by David Gerstein and Daan Jippes.

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