"golden apples"

The second unpublished Barks-story is one he lists as "Golden Apples", a ten-pager submitted Januari 3, 1952, and it was planned for "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" No. 144. However, this issue carried the story originally scheduled for "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" No. 145 (about spending Scrooge's money) and Barks' records note that the golden apples story "must have been shelved".

What has happened to this story is a mystery. As Barks remembers it, the story was a modern version of the myth of Atalanta and the golden apples. In a 1974 interview with Michael Barrier, he said: "I only recall that I had Daisy quite angry with Donald because he was trying to win the hand, I guess, of this queen of the apple festival.... Every time that Donald would be about to catch up with this fleeing queen, or princess, or goddess, whatever she was, she would drop her golden apple and he would pick it up, and then he had to chase her again.... Daisy was so jealous that she was throwing things at Donald, and she was not acting in a ladylike manner. That was the objection.... That was the only excuse they gave me." On another occasion, in an 1976 and/or 1983 interview, Barks has described the story as: "The story of Donald's footrace with Daisy - the one about the golden apples."

The story is lost.

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