taffy trouble

One and a quarter pages of unpublished art for this story still exist. The sequence is numbered as the last two panels of page 6 and all of page 7. It begins with Donald running into the Akin-Bones Hospital, calling: "Wait! Stop! Don't anybody eat that candy!" Donald tells the nurses not to eat the candy because there is something in it, but he can't tell them what. They think he is trying to trick them and he gets the candy back only by buying it at a dollar per bag. He eats it hoping to find the lost diamond ring, doesn't, and soon meets Louie who gives him the good (?) news that he "sold all 17 bags to the men at the boiler factory!"

In a note to Thomas Andrae (c. 1971), Barks commented: "My reason for scrapping this sequence of business with the nurses and replacing it with the bear pit was that the nurse business was not funny and could not be understood by a person who couldn't read the dialogue."

The unpublished sequence does not fit neatly in the space indicated by the page numbers, so rather extensive revisions probably were made, although no more artwork from this story is known to exist. It is hard to tell what exactly has been done, for Barks reworked his material to smooth over the cut. The Akin Bones hospital for example, though not referred to by name, appears in the background at the top of published page 6. The first panel shows Donald running toward the building; and three panels later, Huey draws our attention to it again by pointing. His congruous reference to "a bunch of people by the park zoo" suggests that Barks changed the dialogue to suit the substitute gag about the bear pit but did not feel it nescessary to drop the hospital from his background art. (He even drew the building into the new art, panel 2 of published page 7 to be precisely.)

The cut artwork found it's way into the hands of fans from Barks' scrap pile. It is published in The Carl Barks Library - Set IX.
In Holland, the cut art was inserted into the story again by rewriting the dialogue, making it a 11 1/4-pager!

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