Daisy Duck

In 1937, a prototype of Daisy called Donna Duck appeared in animated cartoon «Don Donald»." She was merely a plot device in a story that featured Donald as a caballero. The storymen had no intention of making her into Donald's steady girlfriend. "Donna Duck was invented and incorporated into the story 'Don Donald' before I ever came to the Studio," Barks has commented in November 13, 1987 notes. "I never associated that fiery Latin senorita with the more American-type Daisy Duck that came along later." («Don Donald» was released on January 9, 1937, five months before «
Modern Inventions»; a similar lag may have occurred in production.)

A mirage sequence drawn by Barks, for the unproduced cartoon «Lost Prospectors», probably shows the first true prototype of Daisy Duck.

Daisy did not appear on the screen until the 1940 cartoon «Mr. Duck Steps Out». "I had nothing against Daisy appearing in Donald Duck cartoons," Barks has commented in April 29, 1987 notes. "If business could be invented that would make her role funny and interesting, she was as welcome as sunshine. Seriously, though, neither Daisy nor Minnie was basically funny. We wasted little time trying to include such females in the rough-and-tumble heroics of cartoon humor."

Naturally, what made Daisy and Minnie less interesting was the cultural assumption that women had to be more delicate and sedate than men. Even in her premiere screen appearance, Daisy was not a major character. She functions as a prize to be won in a competition among Donald and the nephews. Barks never used Daisy again in the Donald cartoons, though she gradually joined the cast of his comics. An unnamed girl duck appears in the lifeguard story of WDC 33, and Daisy herself has a walk-on part in in "The Mighty Trapper" (WDC 36).

Daisy did not become a permanent fixture until the temper resolution story of WDC 64. In his April 29, 1987 notes, Barks admits that he had delayed using Daisy because he "still regarded her as a diluting influence." Daisy began to appear more regularly in the Donald Duck ten-pagers thereafter.

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