Stories expanded/shortened because of changing comic book size during World War II:

The shrinking comic-book size was caused by paper restrictions during World War II. For instance, "Our Gang" shrinked from 68 to 60 to 52 pages over a period of five issues (No. 6 to No. 10). "Our Gang" No. 18 was one of several issues which even shrank to 36 pages.

As a result, there were too many pages of material to fit in the number of printed pages available. This made the publisher decide to trim the stories in the least painful manner, rather than to omit artwork which he already paid for.

In Our Gang No. 21, the opposite happened. The war was over, paper restrictions were off, and Our Gang was once again 52 pages. As a result, the "Barney and Benny" story (OG 21) was stretched to fill some of the newly available space.


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