This page contains a list of rare art that is printed in the first print of the German book "Wer ist Carl Barks" by Gottfried Helnwein, either in colour or greyscale. Since I unfortunately don't have the book myself, I could not include all the rare art in the book.

Can you fill in the gaps or answer the question marks?

page 1-2 Photo of desk with Barks art, like one half original page for "The Phantom of Notre Duck" (US 60) and sketches. Most of these sketches are published in the book. A drawing of three skating Beagle Boys is only show on the photo.
page 13 Pencil sketch of Donald and nephews looking surprised. Donald is drawn in red and the nephews are drawn in blue.
page 21 Sketch of Daisy's head and a self-portrait of Barks gruffly looking backwards. Only included in first print
page 23 Two modelsheets of Donald and nephews?
page 64-65 Nine 1972 pencil studies for "Sherrif of Bullet Valley" painting, four of them are detail studies.
page 66 Large pencil study for "Sherrif of Bullet Valley" painting, slightly different pose.
page 75 Pencil sketch of gruffly Scrooge, holding a cane and a money-bag.
page 92 Two 1972 pencil studies for "Flying Dutchman" painting, one of them is a detail study.
page 100-101 Thirty-four pencil sketches of a nephew, most of them are detail studies and four of them Junior Woodchuck poses.
page 106 Pencil study for Carl Barks Library set 1 cover in landscape format. Barks originally intended this drawing as a study for a painting.
page 110 Inked pencil sketch barbecue cover (W WDC 250-00).
page 130 First known Daisy sketch by Barks for cartoon "Mr. Duck steps out", a pencil sketch of Daisy in a ballet pose and three pencil studies of Donald and Daisy for "Mardi Gras before the Thaw" painting.
page 141 Naked woman laying on a bed with a sigaret. Only included in first print!
page 156 Eleven pencil studies of Gyro Gearloose, nine of them are detail studies.
page 220 Unused 1936 gag for "Snow White" film, in which a measuring worm lays out the notches for the bed slats.
page 239 Pencil script page 16 for Junior Woodchuck story "Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon" (JW 15), also showing an alternate journalist pose which is attached with sellotape.
page 253-262 The Crazy Quiz Show story (W WDC 99-02).
page 269-281 Complete(?) storyboard for unproduced Mickey Mouse cartoon "Northwest Mounted".
page 284 Pencil script page Junior Woodchuck story ("Be Leery of Lake Eery"?).
page 285 Pencil sketch of Donald looking dazed / hazy.
page ... Three 1936 drawings of a little wolve, traced from a model sheet.

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