In 1953, Barks lived as a guest at the Robinson family ranch near Hemmett, Riverside California.

Nancy Robinson, the owner of the ranch, has said about this period that Barks rented a lovely and private cottage they had built on their ranch during 1953. He lived alone there. The small ranch was actually a citrus grove and chicken farm near Hemet, California. Mr. Barks presented the Robinsons with three coloured drawings as gifts at or near the time the ranch was sold in late 1953:

CR OS 495 jack-in-the-box [inked cover preliminary]
CR US 4 bill treated coat [inked cover preliminary]
CR WDC 158 worm in apple [inked cover preliminary]

Barks has no memory of this drawing and the two others that he gave the Robinson family, although he does remember living on the Robinson family ranch for a short time in 1953, when the drawings were done. He arrived at the ranch either in the fall of 1952 or in the spring of 1953. (Barks's recollection differs from the date remembered by the Robinsons.)

More information can be found in Bruce Hamilton's article "The Robinson Family Drawings", published in Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge No. 312 (Series II). According to Hamilton, the drawings constitute the earliest surviving examples of Uncle Scrooge cover art.


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