Derived from emails by Frank Woolard

Friday 11 October 2002:

I am a cousin of Gare's, my mother (Constance Emily Woolard nee Banning) was a sister of Gare's mother ( Ethel Williams nee Banning), I first met Gare and her mum when they came to vist with my family at Bowral, NSW. australia in 1929-1930 they stayed about 6 weeks, and we became very good friends. we corresponded with each other for many years and in 1965 Jeanne (my wife ) and I visited Gare and Carl at San Jacinto. Later in 1997 Istayed several days with them atTemecula Ca. Gare was a marvellous person and I treasure her memory.

Friday 17 July 2003:

Here are some pics of Gare and Carl, I will send more later, I also have several Dond.Duck comic books which were printed in colour (in Australia) Carl wanted to see them as in USA they were issued in B and W only, I sent them over and he returned them Autographed as his work

Friday 18 July 2003:

I have no original art work by either Carl or Gare, but have a number of Gare's greeting cards (Leanin' Tree, Boulder, Colorado. ) Publisher) Gare sometimes did the lettering in the speach boxes for Carl, as you know Disney did not reveal the identy of comic artists, but when "the good Duck artist" was known to be Carl Barks" and he was still alive, he was inundated with requests for some work,What he did was limited by copywrite,I believe, but he did a number of" oils on board "which were sold at high prices by R.M.Overstreet.I was visiting with Carl and Gare at their home near Temacula, southern Ca. when Overstreet phoned Carl to say his latest one was sold. I will try a higher definition rescan of the pic you wanted but such are not easily Emailed as you know, I'm still a novice on the PC, and at 90 yo. am struggling with some aspects of the computer.

Scan of a signed [Australian?] comic, containing the blue ribbon apples story (WDC 205-01). (Circa 587Kb.)


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